July: Obsession Confession

Hey guys! So this is my first post, and I’d like to share with you my July favorites, in music, hairstyles, clothes and random stuff.


I absolutely love music, and I especially like to use Spotify as my main source for music.

1. So this month I am totally obsessed with Connor Franta’s Crown playlist on Spotify. Connor Franta (if you don’t already know) is a  youtuber, and now an “artist” on Spotify. His playlist includes music from the band Wet (more later), Oh Wonder, ODESZA, and the High Highs. Go follow it, it is amazing.

 2. I’m totally obsessed with the band Wet, brought to my attention by Connor’s playlist. I like there is a trio from Brooklyn. They’re music is kind of R & B. I really enjoy it, and you might like it too. My favorite song is definitely Your the Best by Wet.

wet band


1. Lately I’ve really liked braids, and I’ve been trying (and mostly failing) at french braiding but I really like how it looks, and if I grow my hair out I think it will look really good. If you have any tips on braiding leave me a comment below! I like loose braids, as they look more indie, casual and carefree.

2. I also like the tight ballerina buns on the top of the head. I have layered hair, so most buns won’t stay in because the shorter hairs tend the stick out all over the place, but the tight bun, helps to hold it.


1. I tend to go for the hipster/indie/carefree for clothes. And on Friday I went shopping and I became totally obsessed with high waisted floral flowy (that’s not a word…) shorts. These are the ones I bought:


They’re super cute with a simple tucked in shirt and a bandanna tied in your hair like a headband.

Random Stuff

1. Candles. Must I say more? If you get nice smelling candles and just light them up, it makes your room into a little heaven. Or tea lights in pretty containers. And fairy lights strung up in your room always helps to add a warm welcoming voice.

2. I also really like dream catchers. They’re not only eye catching (and dream catching) but they are fun to make! I’ll probably add a tutorial soon of the one I just made.

Thanks so much, and I should be working on the blog some more in the near future. Have a great day!!



4 thoughts on “July: Obsession Confession

  1. […] my favorite band Oh Wonder just got put on ITunes.. which is awesome!!! I think I talked about them before (in my first post ever… oh boy….). They’re a two person band, and they’re […]


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