I recently attended my cousins wedding. I thought about weddings. Yeah I know. I’m a mind stretcher. No, but really.

Marriage is a life long commitment. That’s kind of scary. I mean, love is important. Like I said in my other post about love (haha self promo). I like love. I think its cool. But marriage is such a big term, it’s such a big commitment and very scary thought even though it’s far away for me. Commitment is scary sometimes. Especially a life time commitment.

I’m not a good decision maker. Things like choosing colleges, choosing classes, choosing names for a dog, and even things as simple as what kind of ice cream to get, make me nervous. So marriage…. um what??? I mean, what if I pick the wrong person, and it all ends up horrible? I don’t want to mess up my “love story” only to find myself lost and alone. I know I’m making this into a big thing, but I think it’s an interesting topic. Decisions are always looming over me. Not like in a bad way. I hope you understand.

Lets get back to the actual topic. Weddings are great. They’re beautiful and they’re fun and they’re happy. That I like. I also all the romantic stuff leading up to the wedding. Except for those seconds right after he asks, “Will you marry me?” when you have to make the right decision. That’s the scariest part.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!



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