I (dont) like to move it, move it!

So last night I went to my first high school dance. And I have to say…. Im not impressed. Let me explain.

Last evening we went to a family friends house for dinner. It had taken many months to figure out a date both families were free. It ended up being very cool (mostly because they recently moved onto a house boat) and it was pretty fun. By the time we had eaten and talked, it was 9:15. The dance was supposed to start after the football game (which I sadly missed), which was around 10ish. So we hurried there and got there just in time… For me to stand in line right in front of some huge seniors claiming they were high. What a pleasant way to start. It didn’t take long for the line to move up, so I was at the front door, music blasting, and hot air wafting out. It was fairly unpleasant. Once I’d gotten my ticket, I headed in with a couple of friends. Now I want you to picture about 300 hundred sweaty bodies jumping up and down and screaming. How does that sound to you? Add some very inappropriate couples grinding and making out. Even worse. I dont want to complain (even though I pretty much am) it just wasn’t my thing. Im not a crowds person. And dancing… Haha. No.

Overall that part wasn’t a lot of fun. Then the friends who I came in with and I left and walked down to a small fast food restaurant hoping it would still be open. By this time it was 10:30. I was starving and hot. We got there and it was closed, sadly. So we sat down with another group of freshman who had had the same bright idea. That part was actually kind of fun.

Overall I’ve concluded that I’m not fit for that kind of partying yet.

What do you guys feel about stuff life this? What was you’re first high school dance like?



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