Reading Great Books

By the way, happy first day of October. Now, moving on to more important topics at hand.

I like metaphors. Is that weird? Probably, but I don’t care. Recently, for school, I read Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck is a great writer, and he pays such close attention to detail, it is incredible. And I have to say, the book was so meaningful, it blew my mind, like how little bitty lines meant so much… or tiny connections between two events which ultimately made the book what it is.

Books like Of Mice and Men make me very happy. I actually learn something from them, and the writing is so in depth that it’s fun trying to figure out what the author is really trying to say. I don’t come across books like this often enough, even though I look for them everywhere I go. Meaning is everywhere in the world, and authors are everywhere. All of us are authors. We all write our own lives, making our own decisions. And really, I think ultimately, reading helps us learn. About each other, ourselves, the world, and many other things. (Wow that got deep real fast).

Some of my other favorite books include (but are not limited to):

Between Shades of Grey

Fahrenheit 451

Paper Towns

Are there any other really good books that you like? Tell me about them!

Keelin (:


4 thoughts on “Reading Great Books

  1. A Confederacy of Dunces–quite possibly the best book I’ve read. Let The Great World Spin. Invisible Monsters. Anything by James Lee Burke. Catcher in The Rye. Me Before You….there’s just too many to name…

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  2. You said that well! What I like to read completely depends upon my mood though. When I have a disturbed mind, I like to read the kind of books you mentioned, to keep my mind off the disturbing things. But when I am in a fairly good mood, I look out for complicated stuff to get my brain cells working. And when I have a muddled mind, I read simple heart warming books.

    Reading a great book is always once of the best things in the world and thanks for suggesting some! I have only read Paper Towns in your list, will surely look out for the rest!



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