Tunes Tuesday

Yes, I know, late again, I’m sorry.  But here it is:

Sure, most of us listen to music on the daily, but how many of us get to see our favorite artists in concert? Not many. Including myself.

One of my very very lucky friends gets to see a couple of her favorite artists over the course of this week and last weekend. She, having good taste in music, saw Troye Sivan last weekend, and this week she sees Twenty One Pilots, Cage the Elephant and a couple more. How jealous am I you ask? So jealous, I would gladly stuff myself in a suitcase to be smuggled in… Even with the risk of getting arrested.

In short, I have only been to 2 concerts in my life, and I see concerts as a very special treat that should be cherished forever because music is such a powerful art form. Connections are made through concerts, whether it be with a specific artist that has felt something similar yo you, or with their listeners who, like you, know ever word for every song.

What are your experiences with concerts?



What are your thoughts?

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