October: Obsession Confession

Guess what? Time for another Obsession Confession! October really did fly by with all the changing colors, Homecoming, football games, ups and downs, and the leaves changing color, it really was a packed month for me.

clothes fall OC

So, as many of you know from last month’s obsession confession, I love fall clothes, and especially layers. But this year, I decided I wanted to change it up, so I wore a thin red and blue plaid button up under a thin grey sweater with light blue sleeves. I found it really comfortable, and the thin shirts kept me from getting to hot. I like the classic “schoolgirl” look. (:

Also, I’ve been wearing a lot of scarves with my clothes because they add nice texture, and they keep you really warm and happy (which is always a good thing in my opinion). Here is the extent of my scarf collection:



I have to admit… I’m obsessed with watercolors. They are just so. pretty. And they’re easy to work with, which is great for beginners, because compared to acrylics and other paints, they aren’t nearly as permanent, which is awesome when you make a mistake (don’t worry everyone does).

I’m also almost done with one of my sketch books. Which is actually quite amazing, because generally halfway through a sketchbook it either starts to fall apart or I ditch it. This time however, the sketchbook and I pulled through.


Okay. This one is a little weird. But I’m obsessed with organization, and making things in my room look nice. You’ll see in my upcoming room tour post, but it’s a little creepy how much I enjoy just sorting through all the random stuff and own, and organizing it…

I also recently got a new phone case and even though it is almost exactly the same as my old one (clear) it is a lot smoother, and it works and protects my phone so much better.

Overall, I thought October was a great and beautiful month this year… How about you?



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