A Challenging 3 Marker Challenge

Hello! So continuing on with what I’ve decided to call “Post-vember” here is today’s post. Enjoy!!

Most of you probably won’t know about the Three Marker Challenge unless you’re an artist, but basically you close you’re eyes, and pick three colors of your favorite medium. This is difficult because if the colors similar it is hard to make the picture interesting, but if they are too different it is hard to shade and blend.

Prismacolor Markers I used PM-12, PM-4, PM-96.

I started with these colors:

Unfortunately the difference between the pink and the red was so great, it was really difficult to blend them, but the tan at least provided me with a good skin color.

I drew the picture before picking the colors so that my colors would not affect what I drew to make it easier. This is what the sketch looked like.DSC_0015

After picking my colors I really struggled to figure our how I was going to make them work. After testing the colors to see their blend-ability I decided I would just wing it, because it wasn’t looking great for me.

I decided that instead of coloring all the skin in with the tan I would just use in as shading because I didn’t have any other tan colors to shade with. This part I actually didn’t really like (plus I’d never done it before so I struggled).

The hair… lets be real here. The hair was bad. I hated doing the hair…. I probably should have gone with pink and tan hair because the colors were closer in shade, but the pink and red didn’t seem to want to blend. The only part of the hair that I kind of like is the bun.


Overall, I really don’t like this picture, but I learned a lot about my blending and shading skills. And I really believe that being able to criticize and be criticized is a good skill to have, because that is how everyone gets better.

Try the 3 Marker Challenge and show me what you drew! Also, you’re welcome to participate in Post-vember! Let me know if you do! 🙂



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