On Vacay

Hey guys!

So I’m currently out of town chilling for the weekend with my parents, older sister and her fiance. Since we’re out of town I don’t have time to do a fill on post so I thought I’d just update you on my life.

I’m into my third month of high school and I’m absolutely loving it. Although I do have a lot of homework this weekend. For some reason teachers really like to make projects due Monday… :/ This weekend I had to make a concepts map about photosynthesis and respiration, as well as write a paragraph connecting the themes between three short stories, read another short story and film myself speaking in Spanish… (yay….) Basically my weekend is packed, but its not all bad.

Other then homework, the soccer season is almost over which will be sad. Fall softball just winded down last week, so it looks like my schedule will be very free. It’ll be nice to have a little free time to relax.

Other then that my life has been pretty normal. What about you? I hope you’re life is good.

Keelin (:


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