Post-Vember Week 1 Catch Up

Hey guys! So as most of you should know, I’m doing a thing this month that I’ve decided to call Post-vember where I post everyday. This week’s posts included the following:

October Obsession Confession – in which I explain all the things that I was captivated by in October

My Daily Schedule – in which I give you a run down on what I do on a daily basis

Tunes Tuesday: OW Tour – in which I fangirl about Oh Wonder coming to America

A Challenging 3 Marker Challenge – in which I try and fail to draw a picture using only 3 colors

Bus Thoughts: Having a Thick Skin – in which I discuss why people have to toughen up as a child

In the Car… – in which I brainstorms fun things to do in the car on road trips

On Vacay – in which I update you wonderful people on whats been going on in my life

That’s all folks! But really, I want to know how you think I’m doing! What would you like to see coming from this blog in the next three weeks? Believe me I’m open for suggestions! (really) (come on)(i know there’s something on you’re mind 😉 )

Keelin 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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