Making A Difference: Micheal Reagan

We had a veterans day assembly which was really cool and definitely touched my heart, and probably many others. At the assembly they talked about this really cool guy (Michael Reagan) who lives in the US and draws portraits. He has drawn over 4,000 portraits for families whose relatives have died at war.  Micheal draws 2 portraits everyday, and even drawn some for people in other countries.


This is a truly amazing project where someone changed his own life, in order to help change others. Michael believes that its “all about respect and love”. He doesn’t know any of the people he draws, but he still feels connected to them, and respects them for protecting his country. People like this really inspire, and we could all make a difference as big as he does.

Check him out. If you would like, donate, every $10 ships one picture to a family, changing their lives forever.



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