Tunes Tuesday: Adele

Hello. (No, really. Hello. The song.)

Artist Basics: Adele has been making music for 6 years, but took a big break in the middle. Her new album 25 (coming out November 20) is big news, as she returns from her break.

Song Basics: The song is about one Adele’s ex-boyfriends that she misses a lot, and really wants to talk to, because she wants to get back together. He refuses to pick up the phone, or interact with her in anyway, which formed the song, as she tries to simply say “hello” to someone from her past.

My Thoughts: This song is amazing. I especially love it because I missed her beautiful and talents voice since she took a break, and it’s so full of emotion and musical skill. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes pop or alternative music.

What are you listening too?



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