I’m Secretly Still 4 Years Old

Okay. So this is gonna sound weird. But right now, I’m totally obsessed with Merida from the Pixar movie Brave.

I mostly like her because she portrays the more “rebellious” side of girls, and she shows that a girl doesn’t have to have a man to be a strong and powerful person.

merida quote

Merida also is a lot like every other teenage girl, fighting with her mom, trying to be different, and her spunky attitude is definitely hilarious. I think the fact that she is so relate-able and that she overcame all her struggles, makes it seem more possible. Even though I’m not an animated character.

Also, lets take a second to appreciate her beautiful hair. I mean, what better accessory than crazy curly red hair?  (well that, and her voice ;))

Who’s your favorite Disney princess?




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