December: Obsession Confession

After another busy month, I’m glad to say I’m sitting here writing about my favorite things. This month was especially busy with holiday break, lots of family, and adventures. Here were some of my favorite things from this month:


For Christmas I received black Doc Martens from my Dad. I totally love them. Although breaking them in is a pain, they are great shoes, and they look good with almost anything. They are expensive, but from what I can tell so far, they are worth it!

Sweaters are also a must have for me in the winter time. I mostly liked tightly knit thick sweaters in earth tones but for Christmas my sister gave me a bright orange one that I really like.


Two of the most inspiring artists that I have come across this month are Rachel Nhan and Jasmin Darnell.

By Rachel Nhan {via}

Rachel Nhan focus on the fashion aspect of drawing people, which I really like, especially when I’m running out of inspiration. Her sketches always help me when I’m struggling with how clothes fold and fall on a person’s figure.

Jasmin Darnell’s style on the other hand is more centered around flowers and dresses, which I find helpful because when I draw flowers…. They are a quite a sight.

On another note I got Artist Loft watercolors (review coming soon) and some great camera lenses for Christmas.


For English class I have to read Count of Monte Cristo (a decent but long read), to tid
e myself over I’ve been reading the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

Its a memoir about her life growing up during the Islamic Revolution. The comb
ination of simple cartooning and enticing story line could easily interest any reader, especially if you like history.

Overall, I had a great last two months, a wonderful holiday, and I’m looking forward to the new year! What about you?



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