2016: Starting the Year off Right

I know we’re already a couple of days into 2016, but it’s not to late to gather your life together and put everything back in place. I find this to be a relaxing and refreshing activity. I hope these ideas help. 

Make goals.

These goals don’t necessarily have to be ‘resolutions’. Mine are just things I would like to achieve. I made it fun by using all kinds of colored (and sparkly) pens. 😉


Start a journal. 

This relates to the above tip, as I put my goals inside of a journal. I took an old notebook that was laying in one of our closets. To make it look clean and new I put plain black paper over the cover.

It can be hard to keep a journal, especially for a busy person, but it doesn’t have to be all about your feelings. You can also brainstorm blog post ideas, or just rant. I find it to be a great outlet that’s quick to use when needed.

Keep a Calendar!

I found these for calendars from around on the internet while searching for the one I would use, and I thought I would hook you guys up.

PicMonkey Collage

1 . This calendar was the once I went for because it combined the colorful tops, and the pretty lettering.

2. For a more simple and adult vibe, this calendar is great choice. The hand lettering is especially beautiful!

3. Although this is a french calendar, if you like a more artistic, and even Franciscan look, this calendar is perfect for you!

4. For a girlish floral look this calendar is perfect. That website also has 2 other cute designs, so check those out as well.

I especially like to use my calendar to plan posts and I thought it looked nice to put it on a clipboard. When writing on my calendar use a Pilot Precise V5 because it has a nice thin tip, but is still able to write thickly. Using pretty colors and highlighter to mark important dates is also a great idea.

(Quick Tip: If you want a smaller size calendar, when you go to the printing page in your pdf reader, select multiple (see below))Capture


Think Positively.


Probably the most important thing in this post, keep your mindset positive. It’s a new year, it can be a new you! Don’t get stuck in the past, and take a leap into the now. (Wow I’m getting cheesy…)

But in all seriousness, keeping positive is great. I have motivational quotes stuck up on the mirror in my room that I look at every day. That simple boost could make a big difference.

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind for this new year. I hope you’re all enjoying the new year so far!



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