Artists’ Loft Watercolors

Hey guys!

Its been a while as most of you know, and I’ve honestly missed blogging a lot! I know that before January my blogging schedule wasn’t the best (i.e. It was the worst thing ever) but now that I’m back on track, and I really love it, so look forward to more happy and high quality posts coming your way!

This weeks post is all about watercolors, specifically the ones I got for Christmas. They are Artists Loft pan watercolors. They aren’t expensive, and I like them so far. Let’s dive more about what I think…


This set comes with 28 colors, which is quite a wide variety. I was given mine for Christmas, but I know you can buy this set from Micheal’s for about $10, which for a watercolor set, is pretty cheap. This set is definitely not made for professionals, but is a good beginner watercolor set.

In terms of color, all the colors are quite pigmented and easy to pick up. This set has a more translucent look to it, so if you are looking for thick watercolors, this wouldn’t be for you. Unfortunately, the pans are quite chalky, meaning that they aren’t the highest of quality.

When laid down onto paper, the paint looks good, and it dries pretty quickly. Colors are also easily blend-able. Although watercolor paper is the best, a lot of the time I just end up using the paper in my sketchbook.

I use a Pentel water brush that I recently bought at Micheal’s. Its a handy little tool that works quite well for water coloring. If you don’t already know, you squeeze the body of the brush, and water comes out of the tip. It really helps to keep the paint looking smooth.

Let me know if you found this helpful, or if you use a different brand of watercolors!



What are your thoughts?

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