Who am I?

A blog centered around creativity, optimism and the importance of thought.

Through creativity and writing we can express our emotions, which is what this blog is all about. Whether it be reviews, DIY’s or just plain rants, honesty will always shine through.

Who is behind the writing?

I’m Keelin, a high school student interested in girl power, graphic design and sarcasm. You can often find me in my room drawing, or in the woods taking photographs. I’m a music lover, and a curious listener. I dream to create, travel, inspire and laugh until my chest hurts. I am an amateur blogger, inspired by art, honesty,  and bravery. I try to practice optimism daily, and definitely try to see that through in every one of my posts.




24 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. You have a great place here. Keep it up and you will for sure end up having more than 50 followers by the end of this year. Also: If you want to introduce your blog to other bloggers you can head over to the Daily Post Community Pool (https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/community-pool-126/) and introduce yourself and leave a link to your blog. Ask for feedback and don’t forget to visit some of the blogs that are shared there to give them feedback too. It’s all about going out there and communicating with other bloggers.

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